Wednesday, 23 September 2009

I'm Back!

A long hiatus, I know!

I've been on vacation and now my mother is visiting, plus I've started teaching a quilting course at community school (volunteer-based, in the evenings, 12$/class, a super deal for people. It runs for 11 weeks).

We're doing a disappearing-9-patch since it's a great pattern for beginners. I'm working on a sample quilt for the class in red and white - very Canadian :)

I promise there'll be more quilting stuff here again in the future, stay tuned!


Crispy said...

HI!! I was wondering where you vanished off to. How fun to be teaching a quilting class, I bet you make a great instructor :0)


Anonymous said...

Glad to see you're back!! Love that you're teaching a course. I moved my blog and thought it would automatically link to the old one but it didn't. So here I am if you go looking.

Nanci said...

I hope your friend is much better having been on holiday with you!
Welcome back, you have a lot of reading up to do.
Yeah red and white, so very Canadian!