Wednesday, 2 September 2009

I Guess They're Actually WIPs...

Seeing that I never put a quilt down intending not to work on it any more, they're more works in progress than anything else... I haven't studies this quilting language enough yet, it seems :)

1) Cutlery Baby Quilt - FINISHED!
2) Apple-Owl Quilt - left to do: baste, quilt, bind, label
3) Character Quilt - left to do: finish pebble-quilting, bind, label
4) Disaster Quilt (Triple Irish Chain) - left to do: decide on borders/binding/backing; baste, quilt, bind, label
5) Oriental Quilt - FINISHED!
6) Spring Quilt - left to do: decide on borders/backing/binding; baste, quilt, bind, label
7) MODA Northern Solitude Baby Quilt - left to do: quilt, bind, label
8) Burgundy Floating Coins Baby Quilt - left to do: quilt (need to buy thread!), bind, label
9) Apple-Worm Baby Quilt - left to do: add some more applique, baste, quilt, bind, label


Crispy said...

Well, if you put it down and work on something else it's still a UFO, once you work on it again it gets regulated back up to WIP LOL.


Anonymous said...

I make my list........and then go off and work on something not on there. (What I've done for the past week is quilt on a top that I didn't write on my list as something to get done before the baby gets here) hahaha

I think your list is more involved than mine! I love reading all the different projects you have going :)