Thursday, 24 September 2009

I Think I'm Caught Up?

I just spent my lunch hour browsing through my blog list - which is again waaaaay too long. Not humanly possible for me to do them all justice. Fellow blogger Crispy has a policy of commenting every blog she visits, I wish I'd have time to do that or the discipline to only look at a few blogs, sigh.

Anyway, I have a headache now because I've seen so many beautiful projects and have about 5 patterns I want to make.

Which brings me back to my WIPs - I'm actually kind of tired of them. I wish they were all done so that I can start a new project with a clean slate.

Hah, like that's ever going to happen!

Here's a little update of the bird quilt I made for my friend.

She loved loved loved it :) First there was a scream of delight about the quilt, then a little shriek - she does great shrieks! - as she looked at each diamond and spotted the birds, haha - it was hillarious :)

It took 3 days of travel and camping before we had a dry, well-lit spot to get started. I showed her the running stitch and off she went. I couldn't believe her first seam (outlining the blue diamonds) - the stitches were straight, even and small. Incredible. She actually got a bit more lax later, probably tired :) But what a natural she is and she really seemed to like it!

On the last evening of our vacation, I finally had a chance to show her the binding stitch, Mal's hidden ladder binding stitch (See new HOW TO's tutorial list on the right).

I'd forgotten to take a picture of the backing before, didn't I? Here it is, a nice soft and happy flanelette:

Oh, and last but not least, a cute story: My friend slept a lot in the car and on the day after we had the first quilting lesson, I caught her like this:

Think she's attached to the quilt??? :)


Crispy said...

You obviously had a wonderful time and it's always good to teach a new quilter. It's the quilt's fault she fell asleep, I can hardly get two stitches into a quilt before I'm testing it to make sure it's good to sleep under LOL.


Heather said...

I love the flower pattern. Glad that someone is catching up on WIP's. I'm not. :( Oh, well. I can't believe that Crispy is able to comment on all the posts of blogs she follows. That is some dedication. I'm with you, I follow way to many blogs to be able to do that. :)