Saturday, 1 August 2009

A Decision

I have decided it's time to finish some quilts:

[don't laugh when you see my ambitious list! ;)]

1) Cutlery Baby Quilt
Not really a UFO yet, work is in progress!

Left to do:
  • quilt-in-the-ditch around inner borders
  • quilt corner stones - I tried flowers, but didn't like them
  • erase marked quilting lines around blue border
  • label
(side note: I have read of quilters taking out the quilting on entire quilts. I just took out the blue border I did with the free-motion quilt - it looked horrid - and redid it with the walking foot, but that was enough seam-ripper action for me)

2) Apple-Owl Quilt
UFO since July 2009

I managed to find more sashing fabric!! The original was pure cotton sheeting, but it turns out that Kona has the exact same fabric. Since the store I bought the original at renames their fabrics, it may well be that their pure cotton sheeting is Kona. If that's the case, my bargain purchases at 1.99$Can a meter were a total steal!

3) Character Quilt
UFO since July 2009

Left to do:
  • put backing together
  • cut awesome batting: it's 50% cotton and 50% bamboo and soooo soft... (and really affordable!). It's almost too nice to hide inside a quilt...
  • baste, quilt, bind, label
Here's my idea for backing because for some reason when I found more of the red fabric in a store I get to only very rarely, my math skills temporarily kicked out and I was convinced that 3 m would be enough for the backing. Whoops. 5 m is more like it, so I stretched it with black and blocks of the novelty print fabrics. I really don't know what else I'd ever use them for, so might as well make a reversible quilt...

4) Disaster Quilt (Triple Irish Chain)
UFO since February 2009

Left to do:
  • decide on borders and binding
  • find a backing!
  • baste, quilt, bind, label

5) Oriental Quilt
UFO since February 2009

Left to do:
  • cut batting (yay, easy!)
  • baste, quilt, bind, label

6) Spring Quilt
UFO since April 2009

Left to do:
  • Decide on borders
  • decide on backing

7) MODA Northern Solitude Baby Quilt
Not really a UFO either, totally a work in progress.

Left to do:
  • lots of hand-quilting, so this is a long-term ongoing project
  • I started doing a neat pattern I saw on Diane Gaudynski's blog called Diane-shiko, you can see it used on a large area in this post

As you can see, I'm going to be very very busy!!!


karenfae said...

it is always nice to get some quilts done - sometimes making a list and sticking with it is the only way to do it - and don't start new projects until you are finished with the list!! (right how long will that last :) )

Crispy said...

Goodness, I didn't realize you had so many UFO's but then I started blogging in February so missed some of these. I'm sure you will get them all done....someday :0)


Happy Cottage Quilter said...

Whoa, you are a busy girl! But it comes with loving to quilt :-)