Tuesday, 8 February 2011

Try Leslie's Fudge Balls!

Did any of you see Leslie's recipe for Fudge Balls the other day? I copied it down and finally had time to make them - they turned out perfectly! I didn't believe they'd stay round while baking, but they did! Awesome! I made sure they turned out okay by tasting 3, ehm, 5 balls. And one more before bed, in case they changed since coming out of the oven. Oh, and a couple this morning, cause you never know...

Make these, they're awesome!

Oh, and this is a quilting blog, so I'll include a quilt, too :) I was actually super productive on Saturday, doing something with quilts that have been waiting forever to be... well, made into quilts. I'll just show you one today, since you're probably already drooling allover your keyboard from the Fudge Balls.

When I made the brown Chicks and Elephants quilt,
I had planned to make a copy with off-white sashing. I ended up not doing that but had some pieces cut, which I turned into this on Saturday:

I had thought about adding another white border, but was happy with the current look, and the size is my usual baby quilt size (30"x40").

Oh, gotta go, I see some fudge balls in front of me :)


Leslie said...

OH YUM!!!! i am glad that you loved them...they are my favorite, especially when they are warm. You can't help but eat 3..5..7!!! i love the little quilt in the white sashing. it is so cute. Oh, and i did not forget you!! the fabric i promised is on its way.

Crispy said...

Oh My those do look yummy!! I won't make them...my butt barely fits in my chair already LOL. I love your little quilt!! That fabric is so dang cute!!