Wednesday, 9 February 2011

And the winner is... picked Free Indeed, who commented
As a child, I thought I was going to be a scientist and be one of the first to colonize the moon...when I dreamed, I dreamed BIG!!!! Now, I don't think so....:)
I have a nephew that worked in Alaska for a year with sled dog teams. He loved his time there...this fabric would make a great keepsake quilt for him.
Couldn't be more fitting, eh? There were a few entries with connections to Alaska - which is great - I love when fabric goes to such good use :)

Thanks everyone for entering! Without you, I'd never have reached 10,000 page views (though I'm aware that many of you probably only stopped by for the give-away and will never come again - no harm done :) I appreciate the visit, and who knows, maybe some of you will be back another day...).

Interestingly, only 21% of you would want to go to the moon! I wouldn't have expected that...

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Unknown said...

I've been so busy that I didn't even visit and enter the give away. I've just used your fabrics from last year on a little project.
I also copied the fudge balls and will try them soon too!