Tuesday, 1 February 2011

Give-away for the big 10,000

Well, fewer then 50 more visitors and I will have had 10,000 visitors since I put the counter on in June 2009 (I think???). Pretty darn exciting! So I'm going to have a give-away this week. As always, it'll be a simple one, comment and that's it. I'll post pictures of the goodies right after I get those skirt/dress pics up! Stay tuned :)

Thanks to all of you for visiting and the many of you who comment! I generally reply to all comments, especially first timers, so if you never had a reply from me, it's because of the no-reply blogger thing. [Please fix it (see right menu), because I'd love to get back to you!!!] Blogging has been such a fun experience since I started in late 2008. What a way to connect with global quilters... I sure appreciate sharing ideas with all of you, getting feedback and positive vibes! Happy quilting and blog-browsing/blogging to all of you!

Random pic of PEI last summer to make this post more enjoyable :)


debbi d-w said...

Congrats on your big milestone! Loved looking at your pic of PEI all calm and warm. . .we're getting a blizzard here in Chicago right now - more time to quilt!

Crispy said...

Oh goody a givaway, I'll stay tuned :0)


Anne at Film and Thread said...

Congratulations on the 10,000 mark! That's a lot.

We definitely want show and tell of your skirt/dress.

I'm getting rid of stuff, so won't enter the giveaway, but I'm so glad that you are getting such good recognition!

Pokey said...

Hey, that is quite a BIG number! I'm happy for you, but you do give us lots of creativity to look at. Congratulations!