Wednesday, 14 July 2010

What's New?

Well, apart from the Monkey Mechanic quilt, quilting action has been slow around here.

I'm working away on the Hoot Hoot Owl applique.

Here I'm attaching the branches. After the first branch came out a bit wavy, I basted the second branch on first and then I appliqued it on. I think you're supposed to do that sometimes anyway, I just forgot. A few more stitches on the branch and then that quilt is ready for basting and (machine)quilting.

I've also been quilting on the Love U in Green quilt. Great little project to take to my bee meetings (we've met twice so far, it's fun!). I decided on concentric squares and like the effect quite a lot. As you can see, I've got a bit of attention deficit going on, as I can't seem to finish a square before starting the next one, so I have several on the go, in various stages of completion :)

I'm also on the final touches of the Imagination 1 quilting, here's a sneak preview:

The Border:
Some of the circle quilting:

Unfortunately, it's been much too hot to hand-quilt these past few days, and the soccer world cup demanded some attention as well, but now that all that is over, I'll get back to stitching :)

Oh, and some of you had wondered about the border on the WonderChain quilt, this is the stencil I used for it. I really liked working with stencils. I've tried free-hand hand-quilting before, as well as free-hand drawing a pattern on, and it just doesn't look as good as a stencil in terms of uniformity. I have a small collection of stencils now and will certainly use them again!


Crispy said...

Well it looks like you are getting a lot of quilty stuff work done!! Lovely hand quilting :0)


Unknown said...

I'm with you on the world cup and we even had company, the weather was sucky, sticky, and just plain too humid to sew!
I'm back at it too.
Love your hand work!

Pokey said...

Wow, you are a motivated one to do all this hand work. Yes, you do have several projects in various stages, but it all looks beautiful.

Leslie said...

you do such amazing hand quilting....i am inspired!

Shasta Matova said...

Your hand quilting looks wonderful, especially the concentric squares.

Rebekah said...

ooh! That concentric square quilting is beautiful!

I hope you have a fun two weeks off :)