Sunday, 17 January 2010

Award Nominees

Alright, I've had some time to figure out who I want to nominate for the Lemonade Stand award I got from Leslie the other day! Here goes (in no particular order):

  • Cristin of Sew this is my life! whose taste in fabrics I enjoy and where I get lots of inspiration
  • Mal of Turning*Turning who writes about art therapy (her profession) and is bubbling over with creativity. I know she hasn't posted in a while, and it's been quiet on the email front, but I hope she's still in action!
  • Rebekah of Don't call me Becky - ah, another of these really creative people, a pro at quilting and knitting (and likely many other things, well, I can think of travel-cataloguing for one thing!) who has given me many ideas for projects through her blog.
  • Nichole from Nichole in real life who makes fun quilts and whose taste in colours and fabrics I also share.
  • Heather of Quilting like crazy - because somehow I always feel energized after reading her blog. Great quilts, too!
  • Amy of Diary of a quilter - who introduces me and her other readers to quilts at American quilt shows and quilting stores (she works at one herself!) - it's made me a really cheap traveller! And all the quilts I get to see - aaaaah wonderful :)
  • Melanie of Melaniemade - one of the first quilting blogs I read and whose blog and work I enjoy immensely - she does some crazy quilting stuff, always very large and involved project it seems.
  • Nanci of Quilting at the Cottage because of her great attitude for life and joy of quilting
  • Crispy of Crispy Quilts who does totally different quitling stuff from me (traditional applique, hand-piecing, hand-quilting), and that's why it's so interesting to read her blog! Plus, she's so quirky :) It's fun to read her stories!
  • Anne of Film and Thread who inspired me to make an unbalanced/non-blocky quilt, namely my Imagination 1, with her quilt for Sophia.
Honourable Lemonader:
  • Serena of See Serena Sew - she always wrote really fun posts, I say wrote because apparently and sadly, she has closed down shop...

So, hopefully I'll have time today and tomorrow to let all these lovely ladies know they are nominated for an award!


Nanci said...

Well aren't you sweet Christine!
I saved you Pizza. thanks so much for putting me right up there with those talented gals!
You are definitely up early for a Sunday morning.

Melanie said...

Thank you so much for the kind words! I am honoured to be nominated for this award :)

Leslie said...

it was so fun to go and look around each of these blogs...many of these are favorites of mine that i read often

Cristin said...

Thanks so much Christine! I'm honored ;-) *blushes*

Crispy said...

Aww thank you Christine. Those of us who follow you know why you sign your posts Sunshine :0)

Quirky...a good substitute for being a smart aleck.


Anonymous said...

Thank you Sweetie!!! I'm posting Floral Delight but no more family living stuff. It's gotten to be a bit taxing so I'm just checking in on occasion.