Monday, 18 January 2010

Brown-Turquoise (and Pink) Ready For Delivery

Well, I made it! One quilt for my darling friend finished!

It came together quite quickly, gotta love big blocks (13" square) :)

Here's part of the matching and layout process, all the blocks are cut and ready to assemble.

Big spirals make for fast quilting!

I ended up incorporating a bit of pink on the back, since my friend loves the colours pink and turquoise.

The print in the middle is an adorable froggy print - I found one lonely fat quarter at a general store (everything from camping gear to kitchen utensils to fabric) in Victoria, BC - who'd have thought???

I thought it was amazing - and a very good omen for the quilt and this year - that as I approached my first spiral to join the continuous free-motion quilting together...

... my thread ran out. How often does THAT happen???

It'll be difficult for me to give this one away because I love it - I think it's more difficult because the quilt was done so fast, I didn't get to spend a lot of time with it...

But one thing I've learned last year: I seem to enjoy making quilts a lot more than I enjoy using them :) Lucky friends and family of mine, eh?


Nichole said...

looks good! :)

Leslie said...

this is amazing....i love the brown and turquoise is huge!! lucky friend.

Crispy said...

The quilt turned out beautiful. Your friend is so very lucky :0)


Nanci said...

Heh...I want to be your friend too!
It's very lovely. I do love turquise with brown..just bought some fabric at Fabricland here in those colours, 50% off.

Katie B. said...

Love the colors you chose! The circles on the back are great.