Thursday, 9 April 2009

Uncharted Territory

My desperate fabric search and the comments I received sent me off into uncharted territory: the realm of online fabric shopping.

It's going to be my downfall. Not only did I already have an acknowledged addition to fabric shopping in person, now I can also spend wads of money online, boohoo!!

I managed to place orders totalling just over 100$US today. This is *NOT GOOD*!

I admit that I'm partly or madly in love with all the fabrics, but still, boohoo. I'll get over it once the packages start arriving! :)

Here are some sneak peaks from the online photos:

I made quite a bit of progress on the character quilt fabric collection and now have:

dancing couple, cheese, SCUBA diving, windmills and hieroglyphs (he used to be fascinated by ancient Egyptians)

I also found book fabric, not exactly what I wanted, but close enough:

The cheese fabric in particular has quite a story attached. I got a hint on my last post to search for fabrics. That's a neat site, easy to search. However, the one fabric I found with cheese on it wasn't quite what I wanted

and I couldn't get enough other fabric together to make it worth the order anyway. So I started another Google search and come up with a thread on a discussion forum where someone else, *just last month* was looking for cheese fabric. One fabric that was suggested to her was perfect and I checked the link, but it's out of stock.

I contacted the vendor and it's out of print. Next I started a search on eBay and found the red background cheese fabric again, but also available on cream background. I contacted the vendor, and while I waited for a response, I found another site that sells fat quarters, amongst them the cheese on cream background. Bingo. The final sign that this was the store to buy at was that I found ballroom-dancing-couple fabric like I had imagined it! Yippie yeah!

And actually, now that I have both fabrics on this post, I think they're the same... the colour/quality on the images is so different, I thought I had a different fabric entirely. Double yippie yeah!

... and while I searched for the character quilt fabrics, I came across all these extremely cute prints, sigh. Aren't they adorable? I want to make some baby quilts like the ones by Alissa.

The fish are flanelette, everything else is 100% cotton. The owls and crows are my two favourites, I think.
Looking at these prints now, I can easily forget how much I spent (most of it was the cost for shipping internationally, anyway...).


I Love Baby Quilts! said...

I love the sheep! You know, I only shop for fabric, I like to support the little guy (girl). They are all fellow crafters trying to make it in this world. You can even sort your searches by people local to you. To see their fabric, click on the search drop down menu and select supplies, then search for fabric under supplies. Search for sale fabric first though!

Happy Cottage Quilter said...

You go girl!


Nanci said...

I know what you mean about $US. Add the 20 percent, then the taxes and it adds up. But some fabrics are worth it. Good for you.

Heather said...

Yeah for online shopping!! :)

karenfae said...

I had a small piece of the book pattern fabric at one time, but alas - I looked and couldn't find it yesterday when you posted about what you were looking for - I guess I used it all up over time.