Tuesday, 28 April 2009

I'm A Lost Cause - And In Love With Moda

I checked my blog-watch this morning, checking out all the quilting happenings since yesterday afternoon and found this beautiful babyquilt on FilmInTheFridge.

Now, I always thought plain square patchwork is boring, but boy have I been proven wrong! This is such a cute quilt, and I figured it's partly because of the fabric/colour choices.

That got me thinking that matching fabrics is a lot easier with a charm pack, where the colours are already matched, lo and behold.

So, following a comment by Wendy (?) of I love baby quilts, I checked out the etsy.com shop. You know where this is going!

Here's the Wonderland fabric that Ashley (FilmInTheFridge) used, it looked so cute in the finished quilt.

Because I've realized I really really like Moda fabrics, I just did a search for Moda charm packs and got all of these gorgeous lines:

I really really like this one, makes me think of a picnic, probably because of the plaid prints and the flowers. Maybe the dots make me think of pollen and allergies = summer, too? :) Haha, weird association.

And if you remember, I have some 1/2 yard cuts of some of the bistro fabrics and love them, but don't have enough for a whole quilt, so I added some pieces from the collection by buying this charm pack:

To my defense, I did start cutting fabric for another quilt top last night, so I'm improving somewhat...

And you know what, I keep blogging about my fabric-buying-guilt, but really, getting these fabrics makes me really happy, and I pull them out once in a while just to look at them and enjoy them all over again, until I use them up in a quilt (which I will KEEP and look at over and over and over again!). So really, I've decided not to feel guilty for spending a fortune on fabrics anymore! I'll enjoy it while I can (i.e. don't run out of money).

Wishing you much guilt-free fabric shopping! Go crazy!


Crispy said...

LOL you crack me up!! I think charm packs are the best, the petals on the baby quilt I'm making is all out of charms. I also made a chiclete baby quilt from charms. They are so versitile. As for guilt...no way....shoot I just spent $85 on a stack of Moda French Garden fat quarters that I won't even be able to use for MONTHS AND MONTHS....but I wanted them and I wanted them NOW LOL.


I Love Baby Quilts! said...

Yes, it's Wendy! Thanks for the shout out! I love etsy, they have all the designer fabrics i'm crazy about and tons of sellers. I hate having to bid on ebay.

I think you should make a couch snuggle quilt from the bistro charm.

Nanci said...

Oh stop with the Moda prints, I can't stand it, now I am ordering some too, just as soon as I get back from the cottage.
I'm going to be addicted too!
Isn't that awful....nice?

A great blog as usual.

Heather said...

I've never used the Moda prints, normally I just get what's cheap or on sale locally. I've never checked out etsy, but I'm going to have to. These are all so cute.