Friday, 3 April 2009

Piecing Progress (Spring Quilt)

Thanks for all of your lovely comments of motivation for this quilt!

I've strip-pieced as much as I could, though I cut some strips lengthwise off the bolt, so I can't strip-piece, but otherwise I would have needed more material than I have... It'll be okay, just a bit more stopping and starting on the machine :)

Here are some of the yellow/oranges I picked:

I had an involuntary break from quilting yesterday, because my machine had started making a weird clicking sound inside the machine near the stitch length regulator. I took it to the shop, but the repair guy had no clue what it was, he took everything apart, oiled it up a bit, put it back together and said it's nothing to worry about. But it still doesn't sound nice, so I'll do some investigating what it might be...

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Crispy said...

Ooooo pretty fabrics!!

I think I would try a different repair guy...nothing to worry about until it causes a HUGE repair bill sheesh.