Monday, 27 April 2009

Pink Quilt Cutting Progress

Once I had finished the Spring Quilt top, I felt the urge to work on the pink quilt again. I had let it rest for many many weeks, trying to decide what to do and work up the guts to do it. In the end, I cut all the 9-patches and will make an entire disappearing 9-patch quilt. This will also allow me to fill in the gaps from the three mysteriously missing (or just miscounted) blocks, as I have enough pieces to make up disappearing 9-patches, but not full 9-patches.

Here's the pile of cut 9-patches. Looks pretty small, but it will make up a full quilt. It was hard cutting them all apart - once cut, there's no way back...

Now I'm going to have to clear enough floor space to lay out the patches in a pattern I like. That'll be a big task!


karenfae said...

you do it with floor space too huh! I don't have enough empty wall for a design wall - too many built in bookshelves that are full.

Crispy said...

I'm lucky I have have an empty wall, there is no floor space in my little house. You know, those missing blocks are going to turn up now that you cut more LOL.


Happy Cottage Quilter said...

Oh boy this looks like fun! I love pink, so I will look forward to seeing the results :-)