Wednesday, 4 June 2014

Knitted Hat in Petrol Blue

In between quilting, I like to knit. I recently made a hat for myself. No pattern, just trial and error. Then I found some amazing yarn, petrol blue, mostly alpaca (70%) and therefore extremely soft. I immediately thought of a friend, whose birthday was coming up, so I made the hat again, this time for her and with this lovely yarn. It was handy to work with, and kept the store owner's promise that it doesn't get fuzzy over time.

I proved that since I had to redo the upper half FOUR times (!) before I was happy with the result (the hat kept being too short, and I had yarn left over). Every time, I had to open the hat up to the point where I started decreasing stitches, so that I could add a row or 2 (2.5 in the end), and see whether the final product reached past the ears! :) Man, oh man, if one has nothing better to do, eh?

 I particulary like the spiral pattern on the top!

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