Sunday, 8 June 2014

Almost there

Yay, these 3 are almost done! Just the binding to sew down, and tada!

I'm really excited about the quilting. Each of the quilts has different free-motion quilting on it. This one for example has spider webs in the circles. I am considering embroidering a big fat purple spider on this one ;) Still to be decided...

I did a fantasy pattern of waves and loops in the background. It's a bit much, but I'm getting used to it.

Sometimes, the batiks didn't flow into each other since I was limited by the fabrics in the charm pack. I happened to find binding fabric that matched the hues pretty well. In some cases, I attached the binding strips with straight instead of diagonal seams to match the fabrics on the quilt, like here:

The hand-sewing part of the binding is one of my favourite steps, so I'm quite looking forward to these 3 light weights on my lap while I'm stitching away! I have not attached hanging tubes on the back yet, since I couldn't decide which direction to hang them up in. I might just attached some small loops in the corners to keep the options open.

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