Monday, 26 May 2014

Quiltshow Part 3

Alright, last batch, enjoy these while they last!

Nearly identical patterns, but done by two different quilters.

They both had very elaborate quilting. Just easier to see on the light one. 

 Oh, how I love these kaleidoscope quilts. Wanna wanna wanna make one too!

This cool pattern is a log-cabin, can you believe it? You start with a square but then add triangles to get this funky effect.

I had an idea very similar to this one: I wanted to make orphan block mini-quilts and connect them just like it's done here. There are actually spaces between the connecting pieces; the black showing through is the backing of the quilt on the other side! I never had enough orphan blocks (I usually use all my block up in the quilt they're made for. How does one get orphan blocks???).

And lastly, check these tiny tiny log cabins out! My finger is just hovering above the quilt (don't touch, just look!), for scale.

It was so nice to got to a quilt show and be inspired. Many of the quilts weren't quite my style (the ones where I'd say WOW! all the time), but I got some cool ideas for future quilts, anyway! Plus, I went with some friends and colleagues, and maybe they've become inspired enough to start quilting :)

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