Tuesday, 13 May 2014

Quiltshow Part 1

I promised more photos of the quilt show.  It was held over the last weekend of April in Lüneburg (Germany). Let's start with the quilts I entered into the show. Except for the 3rd one from the left, bottom row, they're all older quilts (2009-2011). Everything from wallhanging to double-bed sizes:

 And here some impressions. See how many of my quilts you can spot :)

These were calendar quilt "pages"from a quilt group (not nearby, sadly). See the repeating patterns? Yet each one had a personal touch, just from slightly different arrangments of appliqued pieces, different colour choices, etc.

They had real plants and flowers, which gave the gym a nice feel and smelled really good, too! 

 Cool overlay effect on this quilt!

Really cool optical illusion. It's a bargello technique and will go on my to-do list.

More quilts in a few days, that'll give you some time to let these ones sink in :)

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