Wednesday, 5 January 2011

MadMind Quilt

It's been a while since I've worked on this quilt:

I called it BrownBlueART - but no longer!

I ran out of steam and variegated thread - but both problems have been remedied!

I finished quilting this thing last night. I call it 'thing' because I look at it and shake my head in wonder at what I was doing :) Hence the new name, MadMind - I think only a mad mind could have come up with that kind of quilting!!!

Yup, told you it's crazy!

Here are some details. First off, my actual hand-print - I outlined my hand, quilted around it, then sketched in my "finger print" and the palm-reading lines. I like this one, and I like the wavy-net background that makes the hand stand out.

Next, my actual profile (hard to see, it got a bit too busy around it, but that's okay, I'm okay with my face being mysteriously hidden in the quilt). For this, I outlined the shadow of my profile on a piece of paper stuck to the wall as the sun was setting. Let me tell you, that was DIFFICULT! I used a mirror, but had to draw at quite the angle, which was awkward.
Quilting the hair was a lot of fun; I simply eye-balled the eyes, nostril and lips.

The eye in the dead center was one of the first things I quilted. I used to love drawing eyes, especially ones showing different emotions. I took drawing lessons for a year and a bit when I was younger, and I enjoyed the eye-sessions a lot even then. The spider web is also one of my favourites on the quilt.

Besides feathers, I played around with a lot of shapes and filler designs and also practiced echo-quilting. I like the look of echos, but the quilt gets a bit too sturdy for a functional quilt, in my opinion.

Here's the back of the quilt. I started out with dark blue bobbin thread so that it wouldn't show up so much on the front and the blue thread was bought on sale. But when I ran out towards the end, I first used up a bobbin with brown thread, then dark green and lastly light gray - I was simply too lazy to wind a new bobbin, whereas I usually switch bobbins without cutting the top thread... Since this is an artsy, display type quilt, I didn't care if the thread on the back looked good. The back is certainly the more 'calming for the eye' side!

I did have some tension problems throughout quilting, e.g. seeing the bobbin thread on the top of the quilt, and especially bad tension on the back, when turning tight corners quickly. But again, doesn't matter, the back won't be on display :)

Nonetheless, I find the back side an interesting study for my plans of "whole cloth quilting" parts of my Free as a Bird quilt. I really like the look of matching thread on medium to light-coloured fabric.

Now I'm off to binding this quilt. I do seem to crave the silent nature of hand-binding these days. Unfortunately, none of my other quilts are anywhere near ready for binding... maybe that will change in this month :) Fingers crossed!


Bella Linguini said...

I have the same problem with thread tension around curves on the bottom when I am machine-quilting. I find moving the sandwich through slower helps but not completely. It's really difficult to go that slow when you have a large area to quilt!

Anne at Film and Thread said...

That is some intense quilting! I really love the profile. The back is definitely as interesting as the front, but they both show the quilting off really well.

Have you ever heard of Zentangles? That's what this reminds me of.

Crispy said...

Ya might have been slightly mad but the results are stunning and VERY interesting to look at. Well Done My Girl!!


Nichole said...

i am very impressed by your adventurous quilting. i never quite have enough drive to do something so unique. i think it turned out wonderfully. it especially looks great on the back.

Nanci said...

Wow! Wow! Um, you must have been just a tad off the mind bend there! I cannot believe that you do this free motion work!
Fabulous Christine, just fabulous!
The eye is soooooooo good.