Monday, 3 January 2011

Laptop Sleeve


Happy New Year everyone!

Right now, the view from my window looks like this:

A proper snow fall, the first of the year (2011!), and it just started this morning...

I spent my new year's eve - no, not finishing up the many projects from 2010 that were left behind, but sewing up a little laptop sleeve following Anne's (of Film and Thread) tutorial. She had warned me to make my first seam and then checking the size of the laptop against the sleeve before turning it inside out. Well, of course I didn't do that, but I also think that the 2 layers of batting I sewed in took away quite a bit of the space, leading to the sleeve being so tight on my laptop that I'm worried it'll damage it (too much pressure on the electronics or something...).

Unfortunately, my laptop is very small, so it's not like the sleeve will fit a slightly smaller laptop... oh well, I'll find something else that fits inside, cause I think it's a pretty pouch! :)

I used fabrics that I won at the quilt retreat last fall, coupled with a reddish-purple solid.

It's reversible, though I'll probably never reverse it. I had planned for the flap to be the opposite, i.e. pattern against the purple and solid against the pattern, for contrast, but my 3D thinking failed me somehow...

I quilted all sides with wavy lines before I put the interior and exterior layers together.

I had originally taken this project with me for hand-sewing during my christmas trip (12 days all over Ontario with lots of time on the bus, and I mean *lots* of time - one trip was 10 h long. Dang, that province looks so much smaller on the map!), but I've realized that (a) I've been spoiled by quick machine-sewing so much that hand-sewing just takes way too long, and (b) with all the batting, the layers were quite thick, making hand-sewing plain cumbersome.

The tutorial itself was super easy and I recommend it! I love that Anne hand-wrote and -drew it, gives it such a nice personal touch!


Joan said...

I have enjoyed visiting your blog...and REALLY admire your bagello quilt and the tutorial. I made a set of placemats years ago - and that I am afraid was it for me. Your quilt is beautiful!

Anne at Film and Thread said...

Your first snow? We beat you to it here in Alabama!

I'm glad that you tried the laptop cover, but I'm bummed that it is too small. Your fabrics for it are gorgeous! Maybe it could become a Kindle cover?

Happy Cottage Quilter said...

Wow what a great picture. Your laptop sleeve turned out so cool! Stay warm :-)

Crispy said...

Some how it just doesn't seem right that you are getting your first snow in January and we've had it on the ground since early November LOL.

Your laptop sleeve is lovely, it's a shame it's too small. Maybe you can get your head around the 3D on the next one :0)


Bella Linguini said...

All our snow melted here but we are expecting more this week. It always looks more beautiful than it actually is!

I was worried about the same thing happening with my Kindle sleeve since I used two layers of batting also. I didn't measure but I kept my Kindle beside me to slip inside and mark before sewing the final seam.

Since it is smaller than your laptop, I second the recommendation for a Kindle! You know, so you can make use of the very pretty quilted sleeve. It would be perfect for a Kindle.

Nichole said...

cute laptop sleeve! i made one earlier this fall using the tutorial from Oh Fransson! and mine ended up being a tight squeeze as well. it must be a common problem .