Saturday, 13 February 2010


Remember this quilt???

I helped my mother get started on it while she was visiting with me in September.

Now she's finished the top (navy) and the back (white), though front and back are really arbitrary names here, it's really a two-way quilt.

She's getting excited about sandwiching it!

I'm personally dreading the quilting a bit, as she doesn't have any special attachments for her machine (walking foot/darning foot) and I checked into ordering them, but the parts are either unavailable or horrendously expensive (it'd be cheaper to send the quilt out to get quilted!). It's an old old Husqvarna model, hence the trouble.

So we'll try the regular foot attachment and some straight quilting. Hopefully the fabrics underneath won't be pulled too much. Keep your fingers crossed :)

The charms are from a MODA Tranquility charm pack. I had some left-overs after my mother chose her 30 squares, stay tuned to see what happened to them...


Crispy said...

Hooray for your mom!! I bet she's really pleased with this quilt :0)

You know me, not an expert at machine work, however, I have read that if you set the stitch length to zero and cover the feed dog you can still do free motion. Maybe test this theory before starting on the quilt.


Anne at Film and Thread said...

Love the colors and minimalist style of this.

I just quilted a 60 x 90 inch quilt with just my regular foot and it came out fine. I basted it using this method: I have a walking foot, but it is just so loud and cumbersome that it's not pleasant to use.

Nanci said...

Oh, your mom must be so pleased with herself.
Since I love to stipple, even without the quilting foot, she can do it. Just drop the feed dogs and let it go.

Leslie said...

that is so fun that you could do that looks great!!! i love the random placement and the back is really pretty