Saturday, 27 February 2010

Quilting Without Special Attachments

Here's the last update on my mom's tranquility quilt, because it's COMPLETE, hah!

I struggled with the question of how to quilt this quilt since my mother doesn't have any special foot attachments for her machine and they were either not available or insanely expensive.

I had some great tips from you, my readers and it turns out that stippling doesn't really require a quilting foot, hooray!

It worked pretty well - the only issue is of course that the regular foot doesn't have a spring to move it down when the needle moves down - thus, as I pull the fabric around, the needle is repeatedly bent.

This needle didn't survive that process and broke...

I'm always so greateful that the needle tip is attached to fabric and can't jump up into my face at full speed!

The second needle made it through the rest of the quilt, and I tried to go a bit more slowly, as well.

The second question was thread colour. I hadn't considered in my colour advice for my mother, that a dark blue side combined with a white side makes thread choice tricky.

a) using two matching threads has two problems: 1) dark thread is heavier because of the dye in it, therefore tension problems are common. And 2) with the problems we had with tension during piecing, it was clear that both threads would be seen on both sides at some point along the quilting line.

b) I had bought a ton of invisible thread - and I hope I can return it. It's horrible stuff!
Well, I'll give it another chance on my machine at home, but the tension was off the board (I had loops of about 3 cm length on EVERY stitch on the underside. Also, the stuff feels aweful compared to nice cotton thread.

Do you guys have experience using invisble thread? Do I have to do something different with it compare to cotton?

Anyway, we ended up using white and blue thread and in the next post, I'll show you the results!


Leslie said...

i have never tried invisible thread. i bought it once but was too scared to try it. i had no idea you could free motion with a regular foot....necessity!!!

karenfae said...

I tried the invisible thread one time only and I didn't like it, it was not for quilting but for sewing some fused pieces down on a wall hanging. I had not ever done that because I normally do all by hand. I did not like that thread.

Anne at Film and Thread said...

I use invisible thread for stitching down reverse applique that is raw edge and it works fine for that. I don't think I'd want to try it for quilting.

Pokey said...

Yeah, I'm not an invisible thread person, either, although I've had success with applique using it. It's plastic, just not natural for the soft cotton projects we do. My opinion. But I've run into the exact problem you have, and I choose to be most concerned with the top color, and be happy with the effects on the bottom.

Crispy said...

Hooray that you were successful getting your mom's quilt quilted. I'm looking forward to seeing it all done :0)


Shasta said...

I'm glad you were successful quilting without the special tools. I look forward to seeing the finished project as well. I have some invisible thread, but I haven't tried it yet.

quiltfool said...

A few years ago, I used nothing but invisible thread, but no more. I tried it on my last quilt and hated it. I'll keep my spool, but don't know what I'll quilt with it. Lane