Sunday, 7 February 2010

Some Hand-Quilting Progress

Here's a bit of a pre-view - with admittedly not very much to see - of the echo-quilting on my Imagination 1 quilt. I have hand-quilting threads of all the colours in the quilt and am echoing with random colour choices around the circles. I've also started to echo around the bars on the edge because I'm itching to take the basting stitches out - I get caught in them a lot.

I borrowed a large frame from my quilting teacher Helen, but now I took the quilt with me on a visit, no space for the frame, so I'm lap-quilting it anyway (the way I've hand-quilted the MODA baby quilt I started last May, as well).

Here's the quilt spread out at my grandma's, and look what's hanging in a place of honour on the wall!! The teddy bear quilt I made her Christmas 2008 - yay, that makes me happy!

Notice those dark patches in the blue background? I think I must have turned the fabric over by accident there (you can't tell front and back with the bare eye) or maybe the grain goes a different way and that's why these dark patches keep showing up on the photos. In reality, it all just looks uniformly blue - I'm glad about that :)

In other news...

I've decided that I want to start using up my stash more, starting March 1. Stash-busting it's called, I guess. I bet most of you are rolling on the floor laughing right now, thinking "that'd be more like myth-busting, quilters don't de-stash without re-stashing" :) Well, there may be a big move coming up in the next 2 years, and I definitely don't want to lug 3 boxes with fabrics down all those stairs from the top floor! I guess that means I have to give the quilts away or sell them, cause other wise I'll just be lugging down three boxes of quilts ;)

You can all be the judges of how successful I'll be. Maybe the most important step would be to cancel my subscription to the Fabricville (in other provinces Fabricland) flyers which always have these tempting sales in them!


karenfae said...

I am always trying to use up my stash of fabric scraps and never seem to make a dent in them!! I keep trying anyway.

Leslie said...

this is looking great...spread out it looks even better. i had a fabric do that to me certain light it looked different but most of the time it looked the way i thought it should. good luck de-stashing

Anne at Film and Thread said...

I love this quilt and I can't wait to see how it looks when the quilting is done. Were you able to find those Thimble It things? If not, I can send you part of my package since it looks like you have plenty of hand quilting left to do!

Nanci said...

I am laughing about getting rid of your stash! Gee, didn't you buy a whole batch of stuff online last year? Didn't you tell me that you weren't going to buy anymore for a while? What about those fabulous sales at Fabricland heh?
I try too, but it doesn't work and if you continue to hand better get strong enough to carry those boxes down the stairs...grins and more grins here.

Crispy said...

Your hand quilting is looking lovely. Good luck in the stash busting. It's really not that hard to do, just don't go shopping LOL.