Tuesday, 7 July 2009

Wedding Quilt in Full

It's finished and delivered! I clipped the last thread at noon on Saturday, 3 hours before the wedding!

After all the work, I never though of bringing something to wrap it in, so it ended up going to the gift table in the white plastic bag I carried it around in - at least it was logo-free :)

I hope the couple likes it, I sure like it a lot!


Cristin said...

Doesn't it feel great to finish such a big quilt! Its daunting - but you did a fabulous job! I'm sure the couple will love it ;-)

Crispy said...

It is a beauty and I'm sure they loved it. You did such a fantastic job on this quilt!!


Evelyn said...

Of course they will love it! It's beautiful!

Heather said...

They would be crazy not to love it. It looks wonderful.