Sunday, 19 July 2009


Ah, the darling apple quilt. All the pieced borders are on, and the quilt has been folded up on a pile for a week. Problem is that my great zoom-zoom-done baby quilt kit means that I'm now exactly one 4" stripe of sashing fabric short because I cut smaller strips for the baby quilt, and the store doesn't carry the fabric anymore. Typical.

Now, all is not lost. I can stretch the sashing I have, it just means straight joints instead of diagonal ones, which I think are nicer, but on a solid fabric maybe won't make that much difference. Before I go that route, though, I will check another store in the area (luckily it was a chain store where I bought the original fabric!). It's a bigger franchise and might still have the colour in stock.

I have made great progress on the character quilt, though!

I have a feeling that the tope will be completed by the end of today! Photos to follow next week.

I also have to take one little sidetrack and share another great recipe from Nanci at Quilting At The Cottage with you. She's taken my disinterest in making home-made pizza away! Check out her recipe, it makes beautiful pizzas and the dough is easy.

Thanks to all of you who shared tips about quilt backings!


karenfae said...

I saw Nanci's recipe but have not tried it - looks like with recommendations I will need to give it a try.
Good luck finding the fabric you need or making due if you can't find it.

Crispy said...

Ummmm very nice project you have going there, I'm sure you have a system for all that jumble on the floor LOL.

I really hope that you find that piece of fabric. That is so annoying!!