Saturday, 11 July 2009

Start of the Character Quilt

Some of you might remember the mad hunt for all kinds of very specific fabric for a quilt based on interests of a good friend of mine.

I found some weird fabrics and gave up on some others. I thought long and hard how I wanted to frame my blocks. I settled on the black/grey fabric, my friend being a male and all. That decision almost turned out disastrous because I didn't have enough fabric and the store I bought it at is 4 hours away and only open during the week. Yikes!

So what started out as mixed width borders (to get wonky placements) from 2-4" was quickly trimmed down to 1/2 - 2" to salvage enough material to frame all blocks. I just managed, the last blocks are framed by pieced borders - oh well, he won't notice!

I had another photo showing more blocks, but it turned out so aweful on closer inspection, I'll have to take a better one. I'll blog about this quilt in more detail as I go along, it's on hold right now because inspiration struck...


Crispy said...

Oh Oh inspiration is the root of all UFO's LOL. This quilt will be really great when you get back to it.


Heather said...

Can't wait to see what it looks like all put together. This sounds like it will be a great quilt.