Wednesday, 24 November 2010


I saw this beautiful fabric on the The Fabric Shopper recently, called Poppy by Laura Gunn for Michael Miller - my mother loves Poppies, so I decided to buy some of it and make her a quilt.

I saw the post on Wednesday, contacted Fabric Flair that same day to figure out a custom order - Christie was great and stuffed 8 yards of fabric into a regular envelope to Canada for me, yay for saving on shipping! On Thursday, I paid the order and it went out Friday - the next Wednesday it was in my mailbox, wohoo! I wish all my online orders would go that smoothly!

I don't know what pattern to use yet, but the fabric is here and there'll be some focal piece with the poppy print on it as I don't want to chop that all up ;) I also don't remember if I ever gave my mother this blog address, so hopefully she doesn't read about it now :)

Whatever it'll be, it's going to be fantastic (can you tell I'm excited about this fabric??)! And I even have Shout colour catchers now, so no more surprises in the wash, though I doubt that these fabrics would run, I love Michael Miller fabrics...

Holy cow, I'm giddy - I've been like this all day. That giddiness also made me spent a fortune on a fused-glass bowl, but it was just so so beautiful.... here's a photo of it:

Sometimes a gal just has to treat herself, and the fabric is technically for my mother :)


Crispy said...

Ooo the bowl is lovely!! A gal does need to treat herself once in a while....I really liked your rationalization too ROFL.


Nanci said...

You must have a fair amount of stash by now...but I know why you bought this's truly a beauty!