Monday, 8 November 2010

2010 Quilt Retreat I

We have had soooo much rain here, yikes... the weekend weather forecast for the retreat was "Rain". The weather man actually paused after that and said: "That's it, there's nothing else. Just rain and more rain. There isn't even the chance of anything else." Must be tough to fill up a 30 s allotted time spot with one word ;)

However, on Thursday, all that rain combined with one teensy break in the cloud layer created a rainbow in front of the the drabbest, greyest sky I've seen in a while :) it felt slightly miraculous to see this:

Okay, rain is the perfect weather for a quilt retreat of course - you wouldn't want to miss a beautiful day - well, actually, if the choice is quilt retreat vs. a nice day outside, I'd probably still pick the retreat :)

To make a short story long, I recently went through a phase of not being interested in quilting - shocking, I know. I discovered, however, that sorting through one's fabric stash can wake the quilting interest like nothing else (other than maybe seeing an inspiring quilt or a quilting retreat).

So in the midst of all my sorting, I picked several fabrics that I wanted to make quilts from and started cutting pieces for the quilt retreat (not in either of the two pictures next to this statement).

I'll start with some pictures from the retreat, held in a beautiful Victorian B&B, then I'll show you my progress from the retreat.

Let's start with the two retreat organizers getting ready for strip poker. I love that game! Especially when you find out that we all had to bring ten 3" strips for this game. But it's just so funny to think that the older ladies (the two organizers are the youngest of the bunch besides me) are getting ready for strip poker! The young lady reading the magazine is my friend, who doesn't live here and isn't in my quilt guild, but started working on a quilt last year and came to (almost) finish the project and visit with me.

Here she is working on her gorgeous quilt. It was her first own work and it turned out beautifully!

I helped her with the design and getting started, but she plowed on by herself quite a bit, which led to interesting techniques, like attaching the binding to the top of the quilt before the sandwiching, cutting the corners or the binding (but luckily leaving enough overhang that we could make it continuous again and do mitered corners), and pin basting with about 10x fewer pins that I would use :) I think that having the binding on before sandwiching might actually be a benefit because it gives something to hold on to and keep the fabric taut when stippling close to the edge... just means you have to sew around the whole quilt twice...

A former quilting teacher of mine was playing around with free-motion filler designs by Leah Day on this quilt (and I think I got her onto that blog, so I take some pride in showing this quilt, too :) Each blue square has a different filler design in it. This lady is an excellent free-motion quilter already, so this was just a way to try new patterns rather than practicing her skills.

One of the organizers was working on this beautiful batik quilt. The temperature rises a couple of degrees from just looking at it, don't you think?

The guild's president brought back a quilt she was working on last year at the retreat. She added a border and some more quilting since then... Rumour has it that the son this quilt was made for didn't want it - he liked another one better. His loss, I say ;)

My friend also brought a quilt that was hand-pieced (very meticulously!) by her great-great-aunt. We figure it was pieced before 1950. It's made of old shirting materials amongst others, and it's a bit scrappy. As in, one section has one type of blue, then she seemed to have run out of the material and switched to another blue print. My friend is hand-quilting this one, after she found it in a cardboard box in her parents' basement.

Here we all are with our projects!

I think, I'll leave you in suspense for a couple of days as I don't have much else to report this week, so I may as well save the detailed view of what I'm holding up (I'm on the bottom right :) for Friday!

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Crispy said...

Lots of great projects!! Very cool that the one has a quilt made by her great great aunt.