Thursday, 18 November 2010

Guild Meeting

Last night was our last quilt guild meeting for 2010 and I wanted to share a picture of a very cool quilt that one of the ladies made!

It's a charm quilt, so every fabric only occurs once in the quilt, and it's English paper pieced.
The maker said that there are over 1500 pieces in this quilt, hard to imagine, but I've been surprised in the past, so I believe her :) It took her 4 years (picking it up and putting it away in between) to make. She cut a 1 foot wide strip for the border and appliqued the top to it. Quite something, eh?

We guild members also received instructions for the President's Quilt we make. The guild president serves for 2 years, then she (no men in our guild) gets a quilt made from blocks donated by the members (everyone's supposed to make one block). The president gets to pick the block, colours, size, etc.

This year's president chose the Hen & Chicks block, looks like this:

Her colour choices are Civil War Era and we were shown some examples of hues.

Picking the right colours was the hardest bit, but I got to work last night after the meeting and my block is almost done...


MargaretJ said...

That quilt is amazing!

Quilt Rat said...

I agree that is a stunning quilt...would love to see it up close.
I adore what your President has chosen for her blocks.....great combo!

Riel said...

That quilt is amazing! Our last guild meeting of the year is Dec. 14 and we are making Christmas blocks. That's a great idea to do a quilt for the president. What a nice keepsake!!