Saturday, 12 April 2014

A non-quilty finish

I don't always quilt in my spare time. One of the other crafts besides sewing useful things other than quilts, is knitting and crocheting. This granny square blanket was started in Canada, with sheep wool produced on Prince Edward Island. After about 60 squares, and seeing how little a piece of blanket those squares made, I was actually fed up with the project. However, I spent the last 3+ years plowing through the rest. Unfortunately, it took so long that when I had a friend send me additional wool from the same store, the brown was slightly different (darker). Cause I don't think woold bleaches that fast, does it???

I liked the combination of wine red, brown, purple and pale rose. The colours already imply warmth to me (the purple is much less blue than in this photo). I crocheted a scalloped edge along the long sides of the blanket and want to use the left over wool to make frills along the short sides. Some day. The blanket is over my lap right now and lovely and warm!

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