Friday, 20 February 2009

Owl Quilt (Disappearing Nine-patch) Part 1

Here's a lap quilt that I might keep or give away, haven't decided yet.

While buying fabrics for Hunter's Quilt, I came across a cute owl-themed flanelette. It's not really a boy's pattern, at least not by societal standards (not blue enough? Not enough machinery on it?), but I liked it so much, I decided to make a lap quilt out of it and see where it leads me.

I decided to use a disappearing 9 patch pattern that I heard about on CrazyMomQuilts' blog, one of her readers pointed out this awesome tutorial on turning this quilt into an easy-peasy piece of work.

I used 7" squares for the 9 patches, so that I ended up with 9.5" final blocks (all seams sewn).

Here's my top laid out on the backing material (more owl material), which I'll fold around front for the binding instead of sewing it on separately. I've never tried this before, but want to give it a shot. Not having any pieced seams should be an advantage, because flanelette seams are so bulky...

I'm still deciding whether I like the broad strips on top and bottom (to make the quilt a bit longer). Not sure if I like the owl block on the top running into the border. It's kind of neat, but I'll have to see whether it'll grow on me or not. I want to say "let me know what you think in the comment section", but who knows if anyone is even reading this blog? It's so new - I only started a week ago, just back-dated the blogs to when I actually made the quilts.

I love the owl material - it so cute! These oggle-eyed birds make me smile. I do have a friend who likes birds and cute things, so this quilt will probably not stay with me.

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