Thursday, 1 January 2015


Happy New Year!

My partner and I watched the series Breaking Bad a few months ago and were big fans. As a memory, I made him a mini-quilt with the silhouette/shadow-face of "Heisenberg".

I started by googling images online but ended up having to piece together two images, one for the face and one for the hat. I traced these images right off the computer screen onto some tracing paper.

Then I thought: "How the heck do I get this onto fabric now???"

Luckily, I remembered some fantastic posts I've seen in the past, about sewing right through the paper. So that's what I did.

First I sewed the outline of everything, then I started filling in the shaded bits.

After that: time to pick out all the paper. Some fiddly small pieces! But they come off so easily after being perforated by the needle.

I cut out the shape of the hat and machine appliqued it on top of the hat, then framed the whole thing slightly off-center with black binding.

Here some close-up shots:

And here's the back. I put loops into the corners (just out of some ribbons that I cut out of T-shirts -- those that stores use to hang T-shirts up, but which always poke out of the neckline when one puts the shirt on, so definitely needs to be removed in my household!) so that it could be hung up on a wall or pin-board easily.

I forgot to measure it, but it's roughly 6" x 8".


LynCC said...

Hey, this is fun - nice job figuring out how to do it!

Sheri said...

Wow! That is so artistic! What a thoughtful gift.