Thursday, 30 May 2013

NaturalFeel Babyquilts

Those baby quilts I mentioned the other day will be following this single Irish chain pattern and will be hand-quilted just as this quilt from a few years ago:

I felt like using natural colours and picked some left-over charms. Can't remember the name of the pattern, MODA something :)

There'll be a dark version (brown background with beige chain) and a light version (beige background with dark brown/green/orange chain).

It'll be lovely to be working by hand on a small quilt again; I'm really quite looking forward to the handquilting! My finger tips have gotten awfully soft :-)

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Unknown said...

Hah Christine! I am here to comment. I think it is a law, that you lend sewing machines, or don't have access to it when needed, is when you decide to sew.
The colours look like winter colours to me. Is it a short spring like here in Canada? Today there is a yellow ball in the sky called "sun" and I just heard the loons cheering after a week of rain and fog!