Sunday, 19 February 2012

Something is happening!

A bit of quilting is happening!

I've started so many new things since 2010, it's hard to get anything finished.

Now I'm making some progress on the blue stripes quilt. I think I want this to be big. So far I've just been using leftover strips and I want to keep it that way rather than cutting into fabric especially for this. There always seems to be strips leftover from projects, so it makes sense to use this in the traditional sense of quilting, i.e. using the waste from another project for a quilt!
So 4 more blocks are almost done, just need to be ironed and cropped to size...

My make-shift sewing space - in the living-room once again :) The future quilt room is still awaiting furniture, and right now I've got a big rug drying in there after beating it out in the snow to clean it, so there's hardly enough space to get across the room!

Now that I've moved, my place is much more quilter friendly! Laminate flooring so I can tape my backings to the floor again, and lots'n'lots of light from the south-facing window wall... the future quilt room has westfacing windows - nice light without the colour-fading effect.

I still don't have a lot of time for quilting, what with every night being filled with another activity (I'm learning Norwegian now, what a fun language!), but at least the starting conditions are much improved over the last hole, I mean apartment, I lived in :)


LynCC said...

Those are really gorgeous scraps there! :D Love your blues. What a pretty, pretty room, too, with those windows.

Katie B. said...

I'm glad to see you're getting in some sewing time!

Sue said...

Nice to see you quilting and posting again.

Sue in Ontario

nanci said...

Did you learn to make "grog" or what ever it is that the Norwegians drink.
Use the blues which make everything on the floor look bright.
I love the windows of your new digs. Are you ever returning back to Canada?