Tuesday, 26 July 2011

Hooray, it's working!

Thank your for your advice about google reader! It's much easier to follow my favourite blogs now, though as was pointed out to me, I still have to load the blogs to comment, so please forgive me if you don't get many comments from me anymore!

I've worked on a couple of pieces recently:

1) finally started the quilting on Free As A Bird (see sidebar). So far, I'm doing the brainless stitch-in-the-ditch (with brainless, I mean that I didn't have to think about what to do, it's pretty obvious, no marking or designing required :) I still think it's one of the most difficult quilting methods - it's so easy to slip out of the ditch and then it looks pretty sloppy!), but I ideas for the large grey triangles are brewing...

2) I used the rest of the drunkard's path blocks to make 3 wall hangings (they're just stuck together on my make-shift designwall right now. It's not so much a design wall as a 'get things off the floor' method, since my floorspace here is much more limited than before... I think I may have shown pictures of these wall hanging triplets before (pre-sewn together).

Well, my quilting output is still not up to pre-move-levels. There's just so much other fun stuff to do here! Come winter, it'll probably pick up again :)

Bear with me, and happy quilting!


Anne at Film and Thread said...

Glad Google Reader is working for you. It makes life so much easier!

Also, so happy to see you back to quilting. I'm glad your machine/fabrics/etc. all made it to you safe and sound.

Crispy said...

Hooray for getting a bit of stitching in. It's wonderful that you are having so much fun in your new home. We all know that winter tends to slow us down and I will be looking forward to seeing what you work on. It's super to hear from you again :0)


Nanci said...

Glad to see you back blogging. I totally understand computer world and its difficulties. Me too for the past week. I love this quilt! It's cheery. I am so addicted to free motion that stitching in the ditch is probably a bit of a challenge for me. The free spirit thing is great for losing myself in thoughts as I go crazy doing free motion.

Shasta said...

I am glad you have discovered google reader. Another drawback - besides the commenting one, is that it makes it very easy to keep adding more and more blogs. It is great to help you keep up with new happening things, but you lose touch with the camaraderie you develop with particular bloggers, because you are so busy keeping up with all the posts from everyone.