Thursday, 5 May 2011

I Found A Quilt Shop!

I was exploring the area in northern Germany, where I live now, and almost missed this quilt store (the only one around, as far as I can see online). I had, in fact, already walked by it, but noticed the huge patchwork scottie and thought, hey, I need to take a photo for my blog readers!

Then I wanted to see what type of store has a giant patchwork scottie out front, and lo and behold! it's a quilt store :)

I went inside, where a young South American looking/sounding guy was working behind the cutting table/cash register, who said I could take photos if I wanted to - great!

They had a lot of ribbons, buttons and embroidery stuff, and a nice selection of fabrics, though as always, much more expensive than I'm used to buying (would be around 24$Can/meter, incl. tax), yikes!

I only bought a panel, which was about 1/2 or 3/4 yard of the Duck Duck Goose fabric. I already had two prints from that series, blogged about a long while ago, and never new what to do with them... Now I know :) I dredged up the photos of the old fabrics:

I live in the countryside now, and everything is already in bloom here! Check it out, true spring, not something piddly like the one week I used to get in PEI! It's heaven :)


Anne at Film and Thread said...

It's beautiful where you are!

Too bad about the prices of fabric. I'm guessing none of it is manufactured in Europe?

Crispy said...

I know it has to be wonderful to be enjoying spring this early. Will the winters be milder too?

Ouch, those prices for fabric are a shocker!! I guess you will be ordering most of your fabric on line :0)


Unknown said...

oh my that dog is bigger than my little westie! How different shops are in Europe! Yes, enjoy the wonderful spring of Germany.
A great posting for you and yours to be there!