Thursday, 18 September 2008

Learning to quilt!

I've signed up for community school (10 week courses taught by volunteers)! I'm taking two quilting classes, one in Donagh on Tuesdays and another in Stratford on Wednesdays. There was a long line up in Stratford, but I think pretty much everyone got the class they wanted anyway. I figured if I have to buy materials and cutters and mats and rulers, I may as well take two classes and make it worth it. Plus I wasn't really interested in much of the rest that was on offer in terms of classes.
And good thing I signed up for two classes, because already after the first class I noticed that we're getting lots of different tricks and tips about what to do and what not to do in each class!
In Donagh, we're all making a full quilt with the same pattern (double Irish chain) but with our own colour choices.

In Stratford, Kathy is teaching us how to make 4 different patterns for a quilt sampler. I will add two extra patterns and make it into a small lap-quilt, because I don't want a useless sampler, I need something functional :) The patterns are: Four Patch, Log Cabin, Bow Tie and Rail Fence. In addition, I'm doing a picture panel with the jungle theme fabric I use and a Friendship Star.


Anonymous said...

and were the volunteer teachers just wonderful?

Anonymous said...

and were the volunteer teachers at Donagh just wonderful?